Monday, June 25, 2018

Is saving money the key to a successful retirement?

We believe the key lays between properly allocating and diversifying assets. But most importantly, you have to get proper advise and make you own decisions (within & among asset classes). Be warned: We do not offer any legal or financial advise!

Consider owning various asset classes instead of a single one. For example, a portfolio of securities such as bond funds, emerging markets stock, plus domestic stock and potentially foreign bonds.
  • Wisely weight in the risks and technologies involved (such as Bitcoin and such). 
  • Always try to keep your fees low. 
  • Consider that you'll be unlikely to earn as high returns with a balanced portfolio, but might face less volatility. 
  • Either diversify your portfolio, or buy a good low-cost target date fund, which means the whole retirement funds' balance needs to be in. 
We cannot run away from our dreams and goals, so it's simply a matter of attitude! The solution, is to build up your luck and chances of success by proactively implementing a plan with realistic steps to get there sooner rather than later (even trial and error is better than nothing, but get organized and seek help when needed!). When talking investments, for some diversifying simply means owning more than one fund, rather than individual stocks.